Finding the Best Premium Quality Granite Slab in the GTA for Your Home

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Granite Slabs in the GTA

A premium quality granite slab can open a world of opportunities for homeowners looking to renovate their homes in the GTA. The most common household use for granite slabs today is custom countertops. The natural properties of granite are a perfect complement to the demands placed on kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.
Whether a homeowner is building a new home from the ground up or looking to renovate the kitchen in an existing home, new granite countertops are an excellent investment. Granite countertops are incredibly durable surfaces that provide long-term performance while also increasing the resale value of the home.

Natural Beauty that Lasts

In terms of appearance, granite is one of the most beautiful natural stones used as a building material. The textured look of granite is always in high demand for the elegance and classic appeal it will bring to the home.
Granite is available in a number of different rich colours and veining patterns. Each piece of granite is unique; this means that every installation of granite in the home will be one-of-a-kind and distinct. Granite is often described as nature’s art, and the ability to use this material in the home is both exciting and rewarding.
Many traditional countertop materials such as laminate will break down, become damaged or discoloured over time and require replacement. Granite is one of the hardest natural stones found on the Earth, so durability is not a concern. It has an excellent strength-to-thickness ratio that resists breakage and chipping even with thinner pieces. It is common for materials such as laminate to require multiple replacements within the expected lifetime of granite countertops.

Additional Benefits of Granite for Countertops

Granite is formed in the Earth’s crust as a result of intense heat and pressure. These factors contribute to the extreme durability and scratch resistance of granite as well as the material’s ability to withstand damage from heat. While it is never advisable to cut things directly on a countertop, a granite countertop will be resistant to scratching from these types of activities. Granite countertops can resist damage and burning that would normally occur as a result of placing a hot pan directly on the surface.
Granite is naturally non-porous and hygienic on its own, but it can be sealed to further improve these sanitation and waterproofing properties.

Finding the Best Granite Slab in the GTA

In order to ensure the best possible experience with granite in the home, it is important to start with the finest quality granite slabs. The top suppliers of natural stone have relationships with the leading granite quarries around the world and are able to offer consistently high quality slabs as a result.
Choosing granite slabs from respected and reputable natural stone suppliers allows homeowners to focus on making a selection based on the beauty and other visual aspects of the granite while being assured that the stone is already of the finest quality.
Don’t take chances with your granite investment; find the best supplier of premium quality granite slab in the GTA today for your home renovation project.